Pregnancy and the Pregnancy three Trimesters

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Keeping track of pregnancy trimesters are a key part of maternity. An expectant mother will go through a enormous number of changes during her term and it is helpful to know what changes are taking place and the reason why. Additionally it is best if you know what to expect on these trimesters so you will be prepared.

An average pregnancy; term lasts 40 weeks and these are further more divided into 3 pregnancy trimesters; the 1st trimester lasts for the 1st 12 weeks, the second trimester from the 13th to the 28th week and the final trimester from the 28th week till the child arrives. While every pregnancy period of time is unique and many mothers will encounter different changes, all pregnant women need to keep healthy, work out and eat healthy food to make sure a healthy maternity.

Of all the maternity trimesters, the first one is often the hardest to deal with. Starting from when the child is conceived to week twelve, the mom will go through sensations of nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity and physical weakness. It is perfectly normal to feel strong appetite for certain types of foods with a keen aversion to others. Heartburn, upset stomach and constipation are other factors that expectant mothers may suffer from.

During this time it can be difficult to try and stay healthy but there are ways by which some of the discomfort might be controlled. Drinking lots of water is very helpful and also taking small, frequent meals which are loaded with nutritive value. It is also best if you participate in light forms of exercise and to also rest as often as possible. Do not go in for high impact sports or anything that is simply too strenuous. Cycling can be performed in an easy manner though walking and swimming are recommended.

The last two pregnancy trimesters are often easier to cope with since the early morning sickness will often decrease after the 12th week. In this stage, it’s essential that the mother follow good personal hygiene and continue a light workout. Stay away from workouts which involve balancing of any kind- by this time your stomach size may affect how you balance by yourself and can cause a fall. Walking, yoga exercise and mild-paced swimming are ideal exercises in this trimester. A nutritious diet is also important at this phase of the maternity.

The final trimester is one for preparation on the mom’s part. The baby’s delivery is only a few weeks away and so it is critical the mother begins to prepare for caring for the little one and nursing. During this period, it is also best if you do exercise that will strengthen the pelvic muscle groups. Having light walks are a great way to workout during this period and it’s a good idea to keep away from any kind of physical exercise that involves lying on your back.

Always be in touch with your medical professional or healthcare provider while pregnant to clear any queries or issues you may have regarding your pregnancy term. By keeping track of your pregnancy trimesters smartly, you can rest assured of a healthy pregnancy.